Dr. Himadri Sekhar Debnath

Designation:HOD (Ecology, Biodiversity & Environment Consultant)

Graduated from Kalyani University in 1973, followed by Masters in 1975, Ph.D. in 1984 on Botany& Ecology. He did Diploma in I.C.Z.M. from New Castle Upon Tyne (U.K.) Integrated Coastal Zone management.

Retd. as Joint Director (Scientist E), Botanical Survey of India, Ministry of Environment & Forests on 31/01/2014.

Former Jt. Director and Head of A. J. C. Bose Indian Botanic Garden and Indian Museum of Botanical Survey of India.

Principal Scientist of Benchmark Studies on the status of Sunderbans mangrove forests, a project under IUCN and MFF.

He published 9 nos. Books including 4 Chapters and 65 nos. Scientific Papers.

He was awarded 9 externally funded (Ranging from Rs. 1.5 Lakhs to 1.27 Crores) Scientific research Projects and all have been successfully completed other than MoEFF.

He is specialized on Mangroves, Plant Taxonomy, Floristic, Habitat, Fragile Ecosystem, Medicinal Plants, Traditional Knowledge, Livelihood, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

National Expert Category ‘A’ (Ecology & Biodiversity) accredited by NABET, Govt. of India.