Er. K. C. Adak, Retd. Ch. Er. PHE & GM.T. WBTDCL, Govt. W.B.

Designation:HOD (Public Health & Eco Tourism Consultant)

Retd. Chief Engineer, (Planning & Water Quality Management), P.H.E. Dte, Govt. of W.B.

Expertise in design and Planning of different pipe water supply scheme (ground based and surface/ sub-surface based), rain water harvesting, quality affected scheme like arsenic, fluoride, iron etc, Ganga action plans, and overall management for water quality and monitoring of different schemes in the state, research & development work, execution and management of mega water supply schemes under New Town, Kolkata.

Apart from principal department he served as Chief Engineer, Sundarban Development Board, Govt. of W.B. followed by GM Technical, Department of Tourism,  Govt. of W.B.